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Are you a marketing or outreach expert? Does your job require you to write hundreds of emails regularly? ChatGPT for email is the best ChatGPT integration for Gmail to write emails. It generates responses and gives suggestions according to the user’s demands. It’s a simple extension and your best email assistant to add creativity to your emails. Whether you want to outreach, promote your business, send customer support emails, or want to write an ordinary email, ChatGPT for email makes all these tasks a breeze.

Do you want to know more about the AI-powered chatbot for email? Stay on this blog and get all the necessary details about this powerful Al language model integration with your email account.

What is ChatGPT for Email?

It’s a free extension to enjoy the perks of ChatGPT while writing emails for any business or concern. It does not require logins or changing tabs repeatedly and can be accessed from the toolbar. One-time login only enables you to write subject lines, business emails, and promotions with a good readability score.

How To Get and Use ChatGPT with Gmail?

Do you have a ChatGPT account and are looking for a great assistant to write compelling emails? It’s pretty easy and does not include lengthy procedures. Check out the simple steps below, get ChatGPT for email, and enjoy an AI chatbot assistant with one click.

Step 1: First, sign up for the ChatGPT by visiting with your personalized phone number and email.

Step 2: If you already have a ChatGPT account, log in to the browser.

Step 3: Open your Gmail account on the web browser.

Step 4: Log in to your personal Gmail account.

Step 5: Navigate to the top-right corner of the screen and press the gear-like icon.

Step 6: Open settings and click the add-ons option in the “Manage” tab.

Step 7: Search ChatGPT in the search bar and pick up your favorite extension.

Step 8: Click Install > Continue and wait for the installation to complete. Give all the permission if asked.

Step 9: After installation of the ChatGPT add-on, open Gmail again and click Compose a new email.

Step 10: The chatGPT extension will show in the email toolbar below the blank space.

Step 11: Click on the chatGPT icon (After logging in to the ChatGPT account) and give prompts for what you want it to write.

Step 12: Click the Generate email button and enjoy.

Important Features of ChatGPT For Gmail

Hundreds of Chatgpt email extensions are available. It’s up to you what you choose, as they offer unique features and functionalities. Here we have mentioned the prominent features of the following:

  • Complete Integration With Gmail

It offers full integration with Gmail, saves time, and prevents switching tabs. You also need to log in to the ChatGPT account once for the ChatGPT email extension and write emails without limits, and it looks like a built-in feature of Gmail.

  • Edit Grammar For Emails

Don’t you have great English? No worries! The integrated language model can suggest edits and takes care of grammatical errors. It analyzes the email thoroughly, can proofread, identify potential errors, and can mend them for you. Don’t need to copy the written email and paste it into the ChatGPT in another tab. Use the integrated GPT and prevent errors.

  • Perfect Email Outreach

Email outreach is necessary to pitch the clients and also in digital marketing. Provide your requirements in the email context about your outreach campaign (according to the targeted audience), and it will help write outreach emails. Yes, you can write compelling emails within seconds; just provide the context in the prompt. You can review it before sending it without grammar issues.

  • Specific Email Replies

Do you want to reply to emails in a customized context? The GPT Gmail integration allows you to create context-specific emails (style, tone, message) and other features you want to emphasize. It will take only a few seconds and enable you to reply to emails in your desired context. It also allows email review, editing, and unlimited revisions to receive well-crafted email replies.

  • Easy To Install & Time Saving

Get up and install it in a few seconds. No lengthy procedures and confidently compile engaging (audience-specific emails) on the internet. Increase your productivity and work efficiency with real-time responses.

  • Summarize Long Emails

It’s a game-changer as you can summarize long emails and complete engaging emails. It easily keeps track of your threads, saves information, and provides the latest information when you enter the prompt. It usually provides an executive summary, a timeline summary, and more.


In summary, chatGPT for Gmail has changed the world of digital marketers, business, and IT industries. It’s time-saving, budget-friendly, user-friendly, and efficient. It’s an AI chatbot assistant that helps you create emails, generate quick email replies, summaries lengthy emails, create emails for outreach, and more. So, integrate ChatGPT Gmail from Gmail add-ons and enjoy.


It’s an integrated version of the official ChatGPT into your email. Sign in from your official GPT account and get assistance writing and editing emails.

It is designed to perform a variety of tasks such as writing emails for businesses, outreach, regular emails, quick email replies, editing emails, checking grammar, analyzing context, and such tasks.

Yes, it can craft an engaging email with your pre-written text. However, you have to give commands through a relevant prompt with your desired changes and requirements.

It offers many advantages to creating and drafting emails, such as writing suggestions, automated responses, grammar checks, spelling checks, and more. You can use OpenAI API to enjoy enhanced features.

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